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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

-Jane Goodall


I’ve always been an artistic and expressive individual from a young age but wasn’t sure if paint and canvas was my kind of “creativity.” I enjoyed the background work of retail - operations, recruitment, and merchandising but still wasn't finding my fit, so I started my own event styling business in January 2020 and found my love for making personal connections with clients and executing unique decor. But still, something was missing...

Despite the job, I always found myself listening to the needs of others and how I could help the best way possible which ultimately led me to UX Design. I have a passion for helping others and an eye for visual design and it finally hit - UX Design is where I belong!


I have a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Valdosta State University, and I’m also licensed in Interior Design with a focus in feng shui (I hope you feel at peace here!). I love my community and enjoy continuously sparking my creativity by exploring the culture, history, and people that surround Atlanta.

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Read more about my passion for design and how I bring it to life through user experience on VoyageATL's inspiring and local stories!

family, food, cars & traveling are a few of my favorite things

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