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Role: Lead UX Researcher

Goal: Redesign the retail interview process and gain real-life feedback

Problem: Store feedback and needs did not align with corporate's vision for the new interview process

Industry: Retail/new product

Nike drafted a new interview process for retail. It involved a presentation educating candidates more about Nike's culture, mission and dedication to service versus listening to individual answers in a group interview setting.


Instead of a traditional group interview setting, the new interview concept required the store teams to set up a projector and present a slide deck. They would hold an open conversation style interview that allowed 10+ people in the process.


The presentation deck was a mix of company culture facts, as well as pressing questions for the potential candidates to answer. It also presented a role play situation to see how candidates would be during customer service settings.


Nike curated a presentation deck and piloted it out to 25 stores.

It was my job to visit my stores (7) and present the new interview style to the store teams and to potential candidates.


Usability testing in the initial user interview process

Focus Group/Usability testing and feedback from the candidates going through the process

Potential redesign or “mid-fidelity”

Usability testing on managers

High Fidelity prototype


After several demonstrations and training, I instructed the managers of the retail stores to conduct the new interview concept on their own and received a large amount of feedback.


I was able to gain insights regarding the effectiveness of the questions on the presentation, the logistics behind setting a time and date for a presentation style interview and the overall performance of selected candidates who went through the new interview process.

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