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Nike Retail Mobile App

Retail Reporting On-The-Go!


Nike’s North America Retail team is constantly on the go! Retail district managers run reports and receive printouts at the beginning of each week prior to their store visits.


During store visits, Retail District Managers shuffle through 7 layers of papers and inaccurate data. Since data and KPIs were not being populated during live visits to the store, Retail District Managers did not have the ability to conduct thorough, accurate and productive store visits which impacted conversion, sales, traffic, and internal volume growth of each store due to lack of feedback.


I designed a mobile app where district managers could easily navigate to a store’s data and KPIs during a live store visit while having full visibility to current information.

The Problem

District managers need the ability to populate live and current KPI information during store visits because they lack the confidence of delivering feedback, goal setting and holding store teams accountable when they rely on paper reports previously printed.


The Goal

My goal was to design a mobile app that would easily navigate to the district manager’s requested store(s) and show the exact KPIs needed to properly visit each store and deliver feedback.

The Results

The mobile app was created to give live updated KPI data to district managers within 2 clicks.  District managers were able to view KPIs of different dates and share opportunities the store would have to increase conversion, traffic, and sales.

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